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Buick 2008 GL8 Firstland Service Programming System (SPS) with J2534 Vxdiag

Confirmed: J2534 Vxdiag Nano can perform online Service Programming System (SPS) on many GM /Opel car models, like Buick 2008 Passenger car GL8 Firstland (C) 3.0L V6 LZC. This article is available with the whole procedure.


Car info:

Buick 2008

Passenger car

GL8 Firstland

(C) 3.0L V6 LZC



ECM: Engine Control Module - Programming (Pass -Thru Only)

TCM: Transmission Control Module

PSDM: Power Sliding Door Module - Programming

CCP: Climate Control Panel - programming


Purpose: Reprogram (Normal not VCI)



J2534 Vxdiag Interface

Login ACDelco for subscription of Service Programming System (SPS)




Login ACDelco TDS.

Click on "Service and Programming Information".

Choose " Service Programming Only" and click on "Access your subscription".



Click on "OK".



Click on "Service Programming System (SPS)".



Click on "Start SPS" and it will automatically launch Java 6.



Skip software installation of Tech2 J2534 Driver.



Select "J2534 VXDIAG" - "Reprogram ECU", then "Next".

NOTE :As for reprogramming with J2534 MDI or with Tech2, the procedure is the same.



Read messages "Connect J2534 device to vehicle and PC".


Select Buick car info.

Confirm car VIN.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-9 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-10


Select " ECM: Engine Control Module - Programming (Pass -Thru Only)", then "Normal".

Configuration succeed.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-11 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-12


Click on "Next" and then "OK" to reprogram with the same calibration.



Transfer data.

1). Download from server

2). Load to ECU.

It may take a long time to finish, please ensure the computer not sleep.

3). Programming complete.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-14 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-15


Click on "New", then "Next", select " TCM: Transmission Control Module", then "Normal".

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-16 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-17 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-18 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-19

Read the reprogramming instruction.



Download from the server completed.

Reprogramming completed with J2534 Vxdiag.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-21 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-22 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-23



KwikDecoder HU66 or Lishi Hu66?

Which one Lock Pick 2-in1 is better: KwikDecoder HU66, Lishi HU66. Reviews mean a lot.


  1. Lishi HU66 2-in-1 Lock Pick and Decoder: quick and accurate

Review 1:

Lishi is far too low priced these days , but still very fast and accurate and does require some skill and knowledge despite being easy to use


Review 2:

HU66 is quick with Lishi and decode is accurate.


Review 3:

I prefer always Lishi Hu66 pick and decode. It will need more skill to do but that the way I can learn.


Review 4:

With regards hu66 , I have Lishi , not only does it open hu66 in under a minute but it also decodes as well in another minute and is very cheap (€27.99).

lishi hu66




  1. Kwik Decoder HU66 Lock Pick 2-in1: Easy to use

 Review 1: 

simpler to useI have received today. Have tested in a golf V and works good.


Review 2:

I have used a lot the turbodecoders before and for me is easy to use this Kwik Decoder HU66 tool.


Review 3:

Audi A4(B6) 2004- ok
Passat B7 2012 – ok

Review 4:

I tried in a 2015 vw Jetta didn’t work, 2012 vw passat it works and successfully read and make a key akl.


Review 5:

For Ford tibbe souber tibbe keys, never failed me door or ignition best investment.

KwikDecoder new type HU66


Super auto magic quick tool HU66 update and upgrade,safety and durability,Can open the lock very quickly!!Open reading 2-in-1


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