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Yanhua Universal ICP adapter read 8feet chip data without soldering

New!!! YanhuaUniversal Programming Adapter no soldering is required. It features in:

  1. no soldering is required, when using toread the data of 8-feet chip, it works independently and safely.
  2. This clip adapter is compatible with any ofAuto Digital Master III,Digimaster 3ckm100.
  3. The pin comes with smart diagnostic function, the data reading safely and reliably.


This is Universal Clip Adapter:



How to use this Universal Clip Adapter?




  1. Follow the above image to connectD3(or Auto Digital Master) to the Universal Clip Adapter, open the D3 software.


  1. Please use the 8feet Puncture Socket or the Universal Adapter to clip the chip well and note the chip pins (the red wire stands for the pin-1).

For your information: this adapter can't be used to test the chip alone, the chip must be inserted into the circuit, the Universal Adapter detect the chip type through the circuit.


  1. On the ICP tester, choose the corresponding chip type, click on "Test" to test if the pin is correct or not.




  1. On the Universal Adapter display, you will see the diagnostic successful message. On theD3or Auto Digital Master menu, select the corresponding chip type to read the data, try to reading for more than 2 times, compare if the data is the same, if yes means the data reading succeed.



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