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OBDSTAR FCA 12+8 Connector

OBDSTAR  X300 DP PLUS upgraded last week,here is the details:

Increased Dodge Charger 2019 Cluter Calibration

Increased Cherokee 2019 Cluter Calibration

Increased Maserati Ghibli-95320 Cluter Calibration

Increased Maserati Ghibli 2018- Pincode reading and smart key programming

And all need FCA 12+8 Connector





What is the OLD STAR FCA 12+8 Connector:

ALL 2018 FCA (FIAT/ CHRYSLER/ ALFA ROMEO)vihicle are equipped with SGW safety modules to prevent

access to the vehicle from the OBD2 port via a non-original diagnostic scanner.The purpost module is to

prevent attacks on the vehicles network via the CAN bus

FCA 12+8 universal adapter function:

1.Used in key programming and cluster calibration via OBDII

2.Used with OBDSTAR X300 DP and OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS to read and clear fault code

FCA (FIAT/CHRYSLER/ALFA ROMEO) Used for following cars:

Chrysler 2018- Chrysler 300

2018- Chrysler Pacifica

Dodge 2018- Dodge challeager

2018- Dodge charger

2018- Dodge durango

2018- Dodge journey

2018- Dodge Ram

Jeep 2018- Jeep Cherokee

2018- Grand Cherokee

2018- Jeep compass

2018- Jeep Wrangler

2018- Jeep Renegade

Fiat 2018- Fiat

Maserati 2018- Maserati and Ghibli Cable

FCA 12+8 universal adapter For sale:




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