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Lishi HU101 Auto Lock Pick & Decoder Reviews

Here is the  user feeback of 2 tips on using Lishi HU101 Picking and decode on Ford Transit Connect with tibbe key up until 2013.

Car model: Ford Transit Connect

Transit Connect is tibbe key up until 2013 and crossover year 2014 then new shape connects are HU101 but a different pick than used on older Fords.


Tip 2:

When i pick lock, before doing, always add some little oil in the lock.

After that, insert and take Lishi several time both side.

The tension applies is various on each wafer and on the tool.

My first lock is HU101 and it took me many hours before understand how tool work and tension applied.

Decoding, not important if lock is on Open or close position. You need turn slightly to read correct the grid level.


Tip 2:

there is only 1 x HU101 Decoder, theres different generations of it but only 1 pick not 2 different ones.

the very first gen 1 hu101 used different pick tips but still did the job fine

the next change was changing to snib lifters rather than pick tips

the next change was to lower the shoulder area to deal with some lock housings

the final change was a shoulder mod to allow picking of some ignitions that needed extra insertion and a tip mod.

all 3 will get most you will see, and older tool versions that dont just need a little tweak with a file .

on some transit models you will only feel 9 wafers , flip tool over and reinsert and you will feel all 10 .

i use light tension , but on some worn locks heavy tension is required , these are very easy to overlift you use too much tension and if lock is grimy.

if when you insert pick and apply tension you can feel all wafers but nothing binds then its likely the plug siezed , lube around the plug and work it with a cut key to break the corrosion seal stopping it turning .

these are not a hard lock to pick , its all in tension and technique , once you master this then these are a 1 to 2 min opening every time.


when decoding also bear in mind the key rules , no cut will be an further than 2 cuts away from the cut next door , position 10 is always a 2 cut on fords , some JLR dont follow the 2 cut in position 10 rule.



Done a 2010 Kuga and Fiesta took about 1 hour on each one. This Connect is super sensitive with minimum tension on tension arm and fingertip “tickle” on lifters you can feel it skipping through 2-3 positions on number 3. Upward picking is also harder than down as very hard to judge bounce on this Connect. All 10 positions are live anti clockwise and seem picked but..........

Have a Lishi 3 in 1 here and ordered a Mr.Li 2 in 1 this morning so will use whatever one I’m more comfortable with and use other as a back up.

Have an ignition and door lock ordered to practice with. A lot of ones I talked to over here struggle with this lock taking around 45 mins to pick.

Decode is another story was talking to an old hand I know from outside Liverpool he says he picks lock to locked takes code then open and ignition to compare decode.

A lot of contradictions on sequence as well. Some say use a certain sequence and pick locked others say use another sequence and pick open. Some say do 4 bottom first etc etc etc