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Possible to the newest Ford IDS V112 on VCM 2 clone (SP177-C ,SP177-C1)?

Question: Can I use Ford IDS version 112 on VCM2 china clone?

Answer: It depends.

There are different Chinese producers making VCM2 units.

If you use VCM 2 SP177-C or SP177-C1, the latest IDS software you can use is version 108.

If you use VCM 2 SP177-2, you will have good luck with IDS version 112.


VCM 2 SP177-C:

VCM 2 SP177-C1:

VCM 2 SP177-2:


How to know if your VCM is SP177-C or SP177-C1 or SP177-2?

They’re varied from

Pls check your inner board inside your vcm unit.

VCM 2 SP177-C PCB:

VCM 2 SP177-C1 PCB:

VCM 2 SP177-2PCB :



On a side note, compare SP177-C and SP177-C1:

C1 have usb sticker for wifi. That is, only usb wifi is not included in SP177-C.

It’s the only difference.

Both are Quality A version.

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