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(Solved) missing xml files - VCM2 IDS cannot complete PCM flash

If your VCM2 IDS cannot flash PCM coz xml files are missing,How to do? Here is someone's solution for you,enjoy!


I had a 2013 Ford fiesta TDCi .

I tried to do PMI ..

There is later update available for this PCM online .

I could not complete the pcm reflash as it was looking for two missing xml files on it ..

Is your IDS also a mix off old soft with later soft to keeep the licence for three days .

On previous vehicles i tried i never had problems on updating the PCM to latest calibration files..



I also have this problem, somehow all files in this folder got zero size. So every time it happened I copying them from another location and after programming works fine. I did a lot of cars and trucks with this setup


In detail..


path approximately program files/ford/ids if you have a problem do the search on the file name.

Install any new IDS version from or any reliable source (I have mine from

and copy them to host desktop.

After, in VM setting do share folders and you can get those files from VM


Searches related to PCM flash with VCM2:


How to preprogram PCM with VCM2:

IDS error: in PCM reprogramming

IDS pop-up: PCM not recognized

PCM flash for Ford Focus:

PCM flash for Ford Transit

VCM 2 best for PCM flash:

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How to fix Xentry tips: Fault code P012800

Here is my personal experience of Xentry tips platform,one thing i want to note for you all: I am not an expert on this subject. 

On occasion I have had access and have looked up information on TIPS (always on-line). Recently, I was looking for information that I knew existed. It was not in TIPS. In the US version of STAR TekInfo all of this information is listed under the heading of Star Bulletins. There are several sub headings: DTB, Service Bulletins, Service Campaigns, Recall Campaigns, Installation Bulletins, and XENTERY TIPS. I found the information DTB. Even with the LI number, it was not in TIPS. Don’t assume that if what you are looking for in TIPS is not there, it does not exist.


In the Tips is the LI info (Local Information) and the GI (General Inforamtion)

but in the TIPS not have campaign, the campaign is in an other program.



Xentry Tips: Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated – Fault code P012800




Engine diagnosis warning lamp activated – The fault code P012800 “The coolant temperature is below the coolant thermostat specific temperature” is stored in the engine control unit.



After engine start, the engine coolant warms up more slowly than specific in the curve stored in the engine control unit.



Note: in vehicles before 05.2017, reprogram engine control unit with BD/DVD 05.2017 or higher



Erase fault memory and perform a test drive when the engine has cooled down


If the fault reoccurs afterwards:

– perform guided test “check component ‘R58 (coolant the mostat heating element)”

– generate a new quick test (with fault freeze frame data)

– create a tip case and send it together with the quick test + the guided test to you MPC


Control unit & fault codes:


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(Solved)Digimaster 3 mileage correction tool CD Card lost

Customer question:

i lost my CD card in digimaster3,could we install the digimaster 3 software?

Answer from

1.Preparations, you could buy a new blank SD card within 8GB.

2.Go to the YANHUA TECH official website to donwload software:


Digimaster 3  1.8.1704.23


3.After software downlods,you should unzip the software file first ,copy it to the new SD card,there is an operation instruction in the file package, follow the instructions to synchronize the SD card program.


Add other Customer asked questions:

Q: Digimaster 3 and digiprog 3 are both odometer correction tools, can you tell me the difference. Digimaster 3 is so expensive, i want to know it better.

A: Digimaster 3 has the main function of digiprog 3, but the car models they support are different. Such as Didiprog 3 support Benz/BMW/Porsch key programming function, while digimaster support more car models for airbag reseting function. The relationship of the supported car models is not coverage, but complementary. Digiprog 3 has 8 kind of language to choose, while Didiprog 3 only has English language.

Q: How to update it?

A: Our digimaster 3 is updated online. You can follow our user update manual to update on the website.

Q: I see the tokens on your website, it adds some car models, do i must buy it?

A: The product you mean Item number SS65. If you want to do more and newer car models, then you can buy it. If you just want to do the car models on the attached files, then just buy this product is ok.

Q: Do i need to register it first after i get it, or before i use it to work on cars?

A: This one needs register. But we will register it ready before we send it to you. Once you get it, you can use it directly.

Q: Does it need user name and password? I need to update it, please tell me it.

A: This one does not need user name and password. Ignore it and go official website to update it.

Q: When i use it, i do not find my car list, does it mean it cannot work on my car?

A: No. You can use it based on the chip. There is the chip list on the main unit. You can change the mileage based on the chip.

Q: Can i use it to change the motocycle models?

A: Yes.

Q: I'm trying to change odometer in bmw e46 2005 by obd with vw audi adaptor lead as stated on screen instructions but it says device not found?

A: You use the wrong way to change the odometer. Because this one is not directly change the mileage via OBD. When you use this digimaster 3, there is the prompt on the screen, see this prompt. You need to remove the chip. On the screen, it will prompt you where is the chip on dashboard. Follow the prompt to remove the chip, then follow the prompt to choose the right cable to connect the chip with digimaster 3.





More Digimaster III odometer correction Tech support at here: