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(Solved) missing xml files - VCM2 IDS cannot complete PCM flash

If your VCM2 IDS cannot flash PCM coz xml files are missing,How to do? Here is someone's solution for you,enjoy!


I had a 2013 Ford fiesta TDCi .

I tried to do PMI ..

There is later update available for this PCM online .

I could not complete the pcm reflash as it was looking for two missing xml files on it ..

Is your IDS also a mix off old soft with later soft to keeep the licence for three days .

On previous vehicles i tried i never had problems on updating the PCM to latest calibration files..



I also have this problem, somehow all files in this folder got zero size. So every time it happened I copying them from another location and after programming works fine. I did a lot of cars and trucks with this setup


In detail..


path approximately program files/ford/ids if you have a problem do the search on the file name.

Install any new IDS version from or any reliable source (I have mine from

and copy them to host desktop.

After, in VM setting do share folders and you can get those files from VM


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