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VVDI Keytool Programs 433MHz Remotes to Mazda 323 Protege

Done! Have tested remote generation on VVDI Key tool. Have a big success with Mazda 323 Protege


Car: Mazda 323 Protege

Key programmer: VVDI Key Tool






Frequency: 433MHz ASK

Transponder chip: 8C


Remote and key used for key programming



Generate a remote


Remote/Smart Program - Remote Key - Asia - Mazda


Search by key: 1292 40601 Australia 2BT





Connect the remote module to the VVDI cable


Press {Gen} to make a remote






Fill the battery then install it to the remote shell



Program the remote by manual


  1. Open the door


  1. Turn on - lock for 3 times



  1. Close- open driver door for 3 times...Door cycle once


  1. Press the unlock button on the remote twice...Door cycle once


  1. Close the driver door...Door cycle twice


Test the remote




The new remote is working!

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