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Free download JLR SDD 154 Software + Patch: 100% Tested(With JLR SDD install video)

Free download Jaguar and Land Rover SDD 154 software and patch:

Link 1: Jaguar and Land Rover SDD 154 software from the dealer

Link 2: JLR SDD 154 patch from

a mega link will be updated here!e90y0CgL!rCGfE1c7tSqxlqhSpKCqU7-VeOQmb_...

Date: 22-08-2018

Version: SDD 154

Password: Not required

Activation: Crack sw - no need activation

Operation System: Windows 7 32bit

Video:  JLR SDD 154 Windows 7 Install



Test Report:

Confirmed to work with diagnostic tools for Jaguar and Land Rover which works with SDD v139 v141 v142 v145....

Mangoose Pro cable: confirmed!

Vxdiag VCX Nano Jaguar & Land Rover: confirmed!

JLR VCI: confirmed! (install sw and patch, then connect to the car...driver will be installed automatically)


JLR DoIP VCI: works with SDD 06-2016 and Pathfinder diagnostic software 2017

VCM 2 clone: in theory,  SDD V154 should work with VCM 2 clone. Professionals have not tested yet. But VCM2 JLR SDD 154 test result will be updated here.


Test Result: JLR SDD 154 software works like a charm!

 jlr-sdd-v154-download-2 jlr-sdd-v154-download-3 jlr-sdd-v154-download-4


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