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Ford IDS vs UCDSYS vs ForScan vs FoCCCus: Which best for F150 truck?

What are the “pay for use” options for Ford F150 truck diagnostics: VCM 2 IDS or UCDSYS or ForScan or FoCCCus? What is the best?


Here you go. Tips and guides for you, also incl. test reports from users.



You can buy a VCM II and lease out time to use IDS from websites that partner with Ford. I think it is around a $80 a day, It isn’t something most people consider and I haven’t looked into it too hard.


Hacked IDS on VMWare


A good VCMII clone (from a trusted source and not eBay) can be had for $175 and is a good choice for anyone thinking of doing firmware updates with FORScan. It's much better & faster than an ELM27 or ELS27 adapter for firmware flashing.


hints of where to look:




The UCDS adapter is also great for flashing


google it but have google translate extension setup in your browser first. They want to sell their product to more people but I feel it is best to leave that one alone too unless if you absolutely understand what you are buying and understand there are no F150 profiles for it.



- not practical for F150s but it is good to know about. Google that one too.



- The best option regardless of potential future costs. It has the largest user base, the most support groups, and is undoubtedly the most functional. IDS can do some things better but unless if you have money to burn you are already in the best place.


Pros working for tested IPC firmware upgrade on Fusion (tried to install IPC from Mondeo and program it). This operation with ELS27 (fastest ELM327-compatible adapter we know) did take 1 hour 20 minutes. Same procedure on UCDS required about 20 minutes.


Note: You cant tune with forscan. You need specialized tools for that. Forscan wont read the strategy from the ECM/ECU (whatever you want to call it) and they're not a business. Its a forum of russians that reverse-engineered Ford's IDS


Test and review: started with FORScan on 2018 F150 Lariat FX4 Sport (501A) 3.5L GTDI w/ Max Trailer Tow (1/31/18 delivery).


the changes I made:

Auto Start/Stop - disable (haven't done the optional display or button yet)

Double-honk w/ key disable (gotta do this on my other Ford also!)

2 Push Panic button on Fob

GT Display option

Engine & Transmission Temps above display (FANTASTIC when I start towing!)

Fake Engine Sound (* I used the EASY version on this one, because I was skeptical the single value change would not remove other functionality. It worked, and kept the other value location I was watching unchanged.)

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