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Vident iLink400 All System Scan Tool FAQ



Q1:Is iLink400 software open for all car manufactures or need to buy software for each car manufactures ?

A1:It have a free model,and you need to pay for extra software



Q2:How to download software for my iLink400 ?
A2:Brief Guide

1. Install update client. Download the update client from our website or from the CD comes in the product package. And install it.

2. Creat a Vident ID. Create your Vident ID either on the update client iScanzilla or our website

3. Register the scanner. Register your scan tool with the update client iScanzilla

4. Connect the TF card with computer. Remove the TF card from the tool and connect with a windows computer through the card reader provided.

5. Download software. Log in iScanzilla to download all available software onto the TF card.

The deitails pls click here


Q3:Will this support abs bleeding on a 1999 ford e350 super duty?

A3:Yes, it is support abs bleeding on a 1999 ford e350 super duty.


Q4:Can iLink400 program key for 98 taurus?

A4:Sorry, Ilink400 no key program key function.


Q5:Will this initiate bleeding for gm abs

A5:Yes, it is support.


Q6: Does this perform tcm quick learn for chrysler 45rfe/545rfe transmission?

A6:It is support.


Q7: How do i download the software on macbook / os?

A7:You can download from Official website.


Q8:Will it go into the RVC soft top module on a w208?

A8:sorry, it can't support.

Q9:Where to buy vident ilink400?


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