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Which odometer correction tool works for VW Golf 6?

 Topic:2012 Golf 6 mileage change



Tools option:Digiprog 3 clone



Step-by-step guide below here:





the current mileage: 212099km



connect Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD


then the machine starts


select a car: VW-Golf-Golf 6-Tacho Diag 2012








DP3 is reading the current mileage






Golf 6 mileage is read out


it’s 212128km, almost the same as what displayed on the dashboard




enter a new mileage to change


new mileage: 200000km





the mileage on the dash is also changed!




Digiprog 3 china clone is confirmed to OBD change km for Golf6!


Works perfect!


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