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Super SBB2 on Nissan NV200: program a new key successfully!

Confirmed! Super SBB2 key programmer is able to program new keys to Nissan Nv200.Here is step-by-step guide:

Here you go.


Nissan Navara and the key

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-0 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-1



Step 1: Super SBB2 gets security code of Nissan Navara

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-4 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6

Step 2: Super SBB2 does immobilizer to Nissan NV200

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-7 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-8

If you don’t know Type 1 (CAN) or Type 2 (KWP), try one by one

First, try Type 1(CAN)


The key tool failed to connect the car


Then, it should be Type 2 (KWP)


Switch ignition on and press ENTER to continue


The machine communicates with the car successfully!

Program keys:

You have to complete the following procedures.

engine can be started:

  1. switch ignition off and remove the key
  2. insert the first key and switch on for 5 sec;

then switch off and remove the key

  1. if you want to add more keys, please repeat

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-19 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-23

Job’s done!


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