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Renault CLIP V179 Test Report: Failed! Use CLIP V178!

After tested,sorry to tell you all with Renault CANCLIP interface that


Please back to use CANCLIP V178 for Renault diagnostic test!


Review 1: not connected

I have an issue wile connecting to the clip: v178 works fine. Screenshot attached.

did not find a way to somehow blacklist CLIP clones.

CLIP clones.


Review 2: blacklisted

Sad but true, it seems Bosch has blacklisted CAN-CLiP china clones for v179, sorry for the resulted disadvantages


Review 3: no luck on cars

Today i have tried to connect three renault cars:

Renault Kangoo - 2001

Renault Kangoo - 2010

Renault Laguna - 2004

but no joy.

Sonde is recognized OK but then no luck.


Review 4: back to canclip 178

Installed back version 178 off and everything is OK.I hope somebody find the solution for the problem.


Review 5: RLT2002 probe problem

The same problem. RLT2002 probe.

China's serial blacklisted.Wait for v180 and see if it's a bug or by design. In the meantime use version 178.


Review 6: new VCI works

this is old sonde clip probe error.

new VCI working good.

Here i mean Renault Alliance VI. Its maybe better known as Nissan Consult 3. Do not make confusion with Nissan Consult3+ (Alliance VI2)

Anyway I don't belive its a blacklist for RLT2002 proble. I am very sure that its a bug of this CAN CLIP software version.

Lets wait newer update version and see then

Good luck



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