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VVDI MB programs W221 remote NEC key v51

Look here: managed to program NEC key v52 from W221 using VVDI MB TOOL


How-to’s with images:



Key file: v51


Writing data


Load key file


Read and write key

Mode: IR

Type: NEC key (original)

Identification key






Read data successfully

Mode: NEC adapter

Type: v03, c06, c08 keyless go

Identification key


Prepare key file




Write data successfully

Mode: OBD

Chassis: w221

Read EIS data


You’ve better write VIN before writing EIS data




Write VIN successfully

Write EIS data



Read EIS data


Read EIS data successfully

EIS is normal

NOT activated


Load original EIS data



Save EIS data


Write VIN




Read EIS data




VVDI MB TOOL Tech Support from




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