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Digiprog 3 v4.94 "UNKOWN DASHBOARD" on Ford Escape 2008

The issue: receive error "UNKOWN DASHBOARD" connecting with obdII

The car: Ford Escape 2008

The dashboard


The solution:

maybe is hcs12 and you must pute out dashbord and solder in with st48


In detail...


Requires plug 48


Remove the instrument cluster and disassemble it. Find on the back

The 6-pin BDM port. Solder the cables from connector 48 (white, brown,

green, yellow) as indicated in the pictures in color. s. next page

Now choose the program:

Cars / Trucks - FORD - ESCAPE HCS12.

The DIGIPROG indicates the old / wrong KM level.

Program the new / correct KM booth and you're done.


This is which color connects where on the dash


13 pin brown in db25 is gnd, 5 pin white is +, 18 is yellow and 17 is gren - if you find gnd in this six points you will know where the other colours should be

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