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How to setup Ford UCDS 1.26.008 software on XP SP3

About: UCDS software& Windows XP SP3



Anyway, I worked out that particular problem. The laptop ONLY runs in AHCI mode and UIDE won’t ‘talk’ to AHCI disks.

So I took your Windows XPSP3 CD and installed it on an old PC – this worked fine.   (620.8MB)

Photos attached to show installation.




2 CDROM.BAT Contents



3 Type Command for UIDE



4 UIDE Error


However, as stated right from the beginning, the UCDS CD DOES NOT CONTAIN A DRIVER! Therefore the cable will not work.

I have been working on and repairing PCs for over 30 years. There is something missing from your setup.

Problems and their solutions :-


  1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 (your .NRG file) is not needed. UCDS runs perfectly on Windows 7.


  1. If someone uses your .NRG, you should warn them it wipes the hard disk and takes over sole use of the computer.


  1. Your .NRG is not compatible with computers that only use the AHCI interface (specifically UIDE only ‘talks’ to legacy IDE interfaces).

You can get around this by doing the first boot (when pressing ‘A’) by putting the .NRG disk and your HDD into a compatible PC. When it is going to reboot, switch off and put everything back into the original laptop. XP SP3 is fine with AHCI, it’s just your .NRG disk that is not.


  1. Remember the errors that I sent you. Memorise them. They mean that your CD IS CORRUPT. I downloaded the UCDS1.26.008 software from another website and it works PERFECTLY on WINDOWS 7, FIRST TIME – including installing the DRIVERS.


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