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Should I have a Kess V2 China clone or EU clone?

Q: How to know my Kess V2 is a China clone or an EU clone? What’s the difference?

 Kess V2 China clone


A: It’s simple; just look purple PCB, then you can be 100% sure its build EU clone. China have green or red PCB.

But remember, full reworked green Kess V2from China also works well. And it is low budget clone for start business.


Kess v2 EU purple PCB and China green/red PCB can be found here:

It’s a good write-up of Kess V2 PCB.


But you have to know- no matter what the colour of the pcb is ist sa pcb

the main thing is good quality parts thats is all thats needed

a china kess/ktag fgtech or any other board if reworked will work exactly as it should

eu made/pcb is a gimmick in most sellers (would like to see proof otherwise)

all the eu boards i have seen have been china made pcb’s some reworked some not even changed but sold as eu made.

the purple eu made kess and ktags can someone proove where in the eu they are made?

poland maybe or germany etc but as i said before makes no diference whatsoever if the parts are good quality then the pcb’s are all the same

they all use the same project to make the pcb’s

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