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Software free download:GM Tech2win and GDS2 Download

Free download:

GM MDI software V8.0.73.14 V8.1.135.13

GM GDS2 V11.2.01100

GM Tech2WinV2.256

Tech2Win Newest Bin Files


Tested version:

GM MDI software V8.3.103.39 Windows 7

via HDD, 100% tested & works perfectly with GM MDI interface

gm-mdi-gds2-download-1 gm-mdi-gds2-download-2

Free version(try at your risk):

GM MDI Software  V8.0.73.14!uU53DBqI!sJILiISbYeg5rxXsOY8WDtzvkrG...

GM MDI Software  V8.1.135.13

GM GDS2 V11.2.01100

GM Tech2WinV2.256    !mJBSyKzK!kR3hI7dU7hS2DBgaBq9rM-78Fll...

GM Tech2Win Newest Bin FilesChina 1  V33.003       !Tc5w1CiD!z4-Jy7f1gnKRk9IVFuC5ecXaQZ3...

China 2  V32.001

GM NAO   V30.004

GM NAO   V33.004

Holden   V157.000

Holden Export   V149.000!mZx2nKJL!QEeE3vv46NVab9ifdx3jg54nwm6...

Opel GT Chevrolet HHR  V30.004

Opel/Vauxhall  V166.00

Saab NAO  V9.250       !KVRySLDK!bp0GqBCwfw25T1GHPqZIweQFHCZ...

Saturn Astra  V31.001  !6dxhnDra!u_O9H_lR3rfEcUlSDCVXdYY81Pl...

Password: mhhauto junkie



What is Tech2win?


Tech2Win is the Tech2 emulator software for GM diagnostics. It allows you to use your J2534 pass thru as a Tech2 on GM vehicles. The following instructions will walk you through downloading and setting up Tech2Win.


What is GDS2?


The GM Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS2), a PC-based software application, is designed to diagnose and repair on-board automotive electronic systems. The software application is used with a personal computer and a GM MDI (or J2534-2 equivalent).


GM Tech2win and gds2 can diagnose cars by offline, if you want to make sps, then it will need to be online.

How to install Tech2Win on Windows 7 or XP system:


  1. Run Tech2WinAutoInstall.exe, Everything will be done.
    2. install VX Manager.
    3. Open VX Manager, install GM Driver.

How to install GDS2 with VMWare:


  1. Install VMware-player-6.0.6-2700073.exe
    2. copy GDS2 VM to harddisk.
    3. open GDS2 VM with VMware Player

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