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Ktag KTM100

This is how to change or add a language manually to KTAG KTM100 firmware v7.003 / v7.020.


Part 1: To covert the KTM100 language:


Go to INI settings file and change manually to English!

see whats the default language that’s written in file, delete and write English


  • ini = english


Or go to Options in KTM100 interface

Select the language you want to convert


Ktag KTM100 firmware 7.003 languages: English Italian Portuguese



Part 2: To add a new language to KTAG KTM100


Anyone can add a new language to KTM100 interface if you have the language pack. But try on your own risk!


If you need K-TAG KTM100 available in more language: Italian Deutsch English French Portuguese Spanish, you can go toKTAG firmware 7.020


The factory has improved and added new language packs.

So, Ktag 7.020 has more languages can be chosen compared with Ktag firmware 7.003.



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