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Xprog m Reads BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c: OK

This is how to use Xprog programmer to read BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c.


  • BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c


Reads good with Xprog m.


Xprog 5.55 is ok but new Xprog 5.70 better i think.
Step 1: Xrpog > Device > MCU/MPU > Freescale HC(s)2-secured > MC9S12-EEPROM-secured (at very bottom)

Step 2: Xprog > File >New Bin File.
Step 3: Xprog > Run > Read
xprog-bmw-cas2-1 xprog-bmw-cas2-2 xprog-bmw-cas2-3

PS: You may want to take a little more care with your connections. Cas is easy to kill. Your Vdd and BKGD looks to be bridging.

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