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OP COM Turkish Download Free with Opcom Clone

Free download OPCOM Turkish on Mega:


op com china clone software free download: (tested)


opcom firmware 1.70 download: (tested)


opcom firmware 1.65 download: (tested)


opcom firmware 1.59 download: (tested)


opcom firmware 1.45 download: (tested)


opcom firmware 1.39 download: (tested)


opcom china clone usb driver:

After VAUX-COM 120309a installation, FTDI CDM Drivers interface will pop up automaticcaly.

Click “Extract” to extract FTDI CDM Drivers


Connect op-com cable with computer, system will install driver software automatically


Op-com-120309a-driver-2-768x576 Op-com-120309a-driver-3-768x576

Right click Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to check if opcom driver is well installed


Then you need configure VAUX-COM120309A for car diagnosis with OPcom clone.


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