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VCM2 Ford IDS 105.02 Mazda IDS 105.02 Download Free

Free download the latest Ford IDS 105.02 Mazda IDS 105.02 diagnostic software:


Ford IDS 105.02A download free:

Mazda IDS 105.02 download link 1:

Mazda IDS 105.02 download link 2:


IMPORTANT NOTE- the Ford/Mazda IDS diagnostic software is released in the forum, not sure of the security and anyone should try it at your own risk!


If you wanna do diagnosis and programming safely, tested versions should be a better option!


Obdii diagnosis…..Confirmed!

Key programming…..Confirmed!

Ecu programming…..Confirmed!

Ecu reprogramming…..Confirmed!


Ford 105 Mazda 104: no issues with VCM IDS 3

Ford ids v105.01 software: 100% tested


Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v99: no issues with vcm2 clone


Ford IDS V101 Mazda IDS v104: no issues with vxdiag vcx nano

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