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Digiprog 3 OBD change mileages for 2011 nissan micra 1.5 93c66 eeprom

There has two options for you how to change mileage on 2011 nissan micra,first one to change KM via OBDII using odometer correction tool-digiprog 3 DP3,another is change mileages with removal of the dashboard.
-> change km via OBDII using Digiprog 3 clone
2011 nissan micra 1.5 tekna 93c66 eeprom use honda accord c66 option on Digiprog same algo by desoldering and using clip st01 to read and write, no need to remove needles chip on back of board


-> change mileages with removal of the dashboard
  1. Remove the dashboard and open it carefully.
  1. Locate the 93c66 EEPROM memory.
  2. Find correct position of PIN1.
  1. Connect the EEPROM memory using C4 cable.
  1. Make sure that you connected the C4 clip correctly.
  2. Press the READ EEP button and save EEPROM memory backup data.
  3. Press the READ KM button and check if the value shown on the screen is correct.

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