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Change Bluetooth voice control language with NCS Expert

Here’s my story of voice recognition language change after the new MULF Bluetooth module installation:

Before I even start, people, don’t use SSS/progman for anything, the software is a joke. Winkfp, ncsexpert are much better alternatives.

I have a 2006 325i Sedan.. My bluetooth module died (Non i-drive car) . I used realoem found the part I need, ordered it etc etc Fitted the part everything was good, except when I pressed voice recognition it started talking to me in German. But I don’t speak German. Need to change the language

I looked through countless threads with everyone saying, this can’t be done, bimmernav ripped them off blah blah etc. To this today, I though it was over and I would just have to get use to it in German.

But then

I thought I would give NCS Expert one more go since, I updated a lot of files from V41 daten stuff. Anyways this time I clicked on the MULF module, dumped the TRC file, opened the TRC file and guess what is the first line.


So I save the file over the man file, change the deutsch to


Do the code.

Press the voice button and the most beautiful words come out. Please add telephone

For those of you reading this that are going how do you setup NCS expert and use it. I really can’t help. I’m ultra noob at it as I just started using it and I had to keep flicking back and forth through the doco as I was doing this.

IT CAN BE DONE :)))))))))))))))))))

Also it would be great if someone could have a look and tell me what any of these other options are as I don’t speak German <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src="" alt="

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