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How to get clone VAS 5054A ODIS of high quality?

This is a reliable buying guide of clone high-quality (HQ) VAS 5054A scanners from China. HQ 5054a could be identified from PCB design, including board colour, Bluetooth module and OKI chip.


1- distinguish from board colour

There are mainly three kinds of VAS 5054A scanners in China, with three different printed circuited boards- green 5054a PCB, blue and white PCB, displayed as follows:


The green 5054A hardware stands out among the three ones, tested by thousands of users without any issue when diagnosing or modifying.


* Reference: How to tell printed circuited board (PCB)?



2- differ from Bluetooth module

You can see two types of Bluetooth modules in the markets:

Bluetooth A:

AMB2300 chip – it’s Bluetooth v4.0 module usually in vas 5054a (better in Bluetooth performance)

Bluetooth B:

it’s Bluetooth v2.0 module, usually in 5054 plus

5054a-bluetooth module-A-B

High quality VAS5054A with Bluetooth AMB2300 module


Normal 5054 plus scanner with ordinary Bluetooth module


Note: not all 5054a scanners come with Bluetooth module; but you can add it yourself if equipped with knowledge and technique.

It’s customer share




3- tell from OKI chip

OKI Chip is an important component that it can support USD protocol for old

The newly designed 5054a can support UDS and PWM protocols for new and old VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat cars.




So, combined with all good components, a high-quality VAS 5054A scanner should be designed with an AMB2300 Bluetooth module and OKI chip in a green board, verified to run well with ODIS 3.0.3 software.





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