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How to do when you lift pin 55 on Carprog

Now I Have SUCCEEDED in one Carprog unit ( CARPROG FULL V9.31 ), with help of a sewing needle. It will go wrong Because I get up two pin, and-then I can not save attic back the faulty pin.

Now I Have managed to get Another One ready for easy flash with J-Link adapter .
But I will make Another One to experiment with, and rebuild to full function or better.

j-link carprog

Below are some useful tips from forum brittle. Wish this helps


*** Autocargo says:

... Find scrap electronics board and practice on that. I use thin Syringe needle and magnifying glass .. No point Practicing on your working CarProg s ....

Use thin attic tip or hot air off course ... forgot to say ... but I do not think you mention anything be doing it without Dankzij Heat ...


*** Demelec says:

needle under leg needed lifting and heat with hot air , dan very carefully lift only a little just as it s e p a rat e s from pcb attic


Soldering iron u have to use very thin tip and just touch very end or leg to remove (attic at very end so not actually Touching leg) then u can lift with needle
And always use attic flux
Flux is the main key to easy operation


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