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(fixed) FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 run-time error 8002 invalid port number

Error message “run-time error 8002invalid port number” pops up when installing FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software for Ford, Renault and Nissan to program new keys.

Solution by obdexpress engineers:
First, try on Windows XP system:
Then, setup the usb com port (com4) to com12

How to install FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault?
1.Open the “ford install” folder,install the application “fordupdate1.1.1″

2.Copy the files in the folder “ford crack” to the directory of “TrueCode”.

3.Copy “FORD CODE CALCULATOR” and “Renault nissan” to the directory of “TrueCode”.
4.Copy the file “hid.dll” from folder “et199-nissan-hid”.

5.Connect the dongle with computer,then install the driver from CD.

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