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XPROG-M, Carprog v8.21, R270 - read & erase BMW EEPROM M35080

I wanna share some tips to read and erase BMW EEPROM M35080, with Xprog m v5.3, Carprog v8.21/ v9.31, R270+ BDM Programmer v1.2.. all mentioned and suggested in my post in a forum. Ideas are form obd2express customer service. Hope it helps you also.

Details of Xprog m v5.3, Carprog v8.21/ v9.31, R270+ BDM Programmer v1.2..

1- Xprog-M v5.3
Correct connection instruction:

Xprog-M v5.3-eeprom-m5.3 (1).png

Xprog-M v5.3-eeprom-m5.3 (2).png
Above is the M35080 pin order and the Xprog-m 16 pin connector pin labels so that the correct 7 pins can be sequenced between the M35080 eeprom and the Xprog-m special programming board for the M35080 Eeprom

Xprog-M v5.3-eeprom-m5.3 (3).png
Xprog-m v5.3 read EEPROM M35080 success.

2- Carprog v8.21/ v9.31
Manage to read and clear EEPROM M35080
- to read and clear OFFLINE with Carprog v9.31 program

carprog-8.21-9.31-eeprom-m35080 (1).png
- to read and clear ONLINE in Carprog v8.21 interface

carprog-8.21-9.31-eeprom-m35080 (2).png
Main steps to read eeprom via carprog:
Open carprog program
Select EEPROM-> 93C 24C 95x v2.6
Click on the tool icon, then select M35-> 35080-> read/ verify, then click OK
Initializing... Reading... Verifying...
Verify ok

carprog-8.21-9.31-eeprom-m35080 (3).png

carprog-8.21-9.31-eeprom-m35080 (4).png
Carprog read EEPROM M35080 success.

3- R270 Pro V1.20 CAS4 BDM Programmer
Correct connection...
Open R270 in circuit programmer
Select correct MCU “D80 D0WQ/”
then “M35080/160D” button
then select IC Type “D80 D0WQ/” and DAS Odometer Type “Type 1”
then “Read”

R270-Pro-eeprom-m35080 (1).png

R270-Pro-eeprom-m35080 (2).png

R270-Pro-eeprom-m35080 (3).png

R270-Pro-eeprom-m35080 (4).png
R270 pro+ read EEPROM M35080 success.

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