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06.2016 Newest Renault CAN CLIP V158 Software Free Download

This is the latest Renault CAN CLIP v158 software shared by a forum member. Put it here for more to free download and test.

Renault CAN CLIP v158 - unknown security:!wM4VxLrL!_SqgXmabTCO0fQSkuJG4ERS1ks7tST...
CLIP v157 - safe:

Basic info:
1 - Language:
English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish
2 - Compatible with most Renault models since 1996
3 - model identification, read error codes, error codes erases self-scan function, etc.
4 - OBD Form 16-pin.
5 - USB 2.0
6 - Transmit software in real time to values of:
RPM, load, coolant temperature, fuel, instantaneous speed, pressure intake manifold, injection time, air temperature, butterfly position, values Lambda probe, fuel pressure, etc.
7 - Registration of securities (logging)
8 - Access to technical documents
9 - Airbag Testing
10 - Testing of mechanical components
11 - multimeter function

To test new Renault CAN CLIP v158 software, obd2express highlights some points here.
1 - AT YOUR OWN RISK to try it
2 - Windows XP operating system - safer
You can download it here: Windows Xp Professional
3 - CLIP V158 installation guide, refer to
Manual: Renault CAN CLIP V158 installation instruction
4 - Compatible device can be tested with:
Renault CAN CLIP v157 / Nissan Consult 3 and Renault CAN Clip 157 2 in 1 system

For MORE info, please go to




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