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How to diagnose Mercedes Benz W211 with jDiag Elite J2534

This post mainly display how to step-by-step diagnose Mercedes Benz W211 with Jdiag Elite J2534.

What is Jdiag Elite J2534?
JDiag Elite J2534 made by JDiag Inc is a diagnostic and coding programming Tool, it is the new generation J2534 tool. It can perform module programming, diagnostic functions, key programming and data monitoring. It is built with JDiag Tablet touch screen. It features in the  pre-installed software and free update for life time. It is compatible with 3 optional operation systems including WIN7,64Bit; WIN8.1,64Bit, and when you turn on the PC, you are supposed to choose a system and all are preinstalled.

To check the similarities and differences among JDiag Elite J2534 and other multi-brand diagnostic programming tools e.g AUTOBOSS V30 ELITE, LAUNCH X431 V and Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P, browse:

Step-by-step to diagnose Benz E-class/CLS W211 with JDiag Elite J2534:
1. Open DAS/Xentry

das xentry-01.jpg
2. Connect USB cable to laptop, OBDII cable to car OBDII port.
3. Switch the ignition on
4. Go to test it, details as follows.

5. Press "F2", Data are being determined, please wait.
Select "Cars", click "F2"

6. Select "E-class/CLS"

e class-03.jpg
7. Select W211

211-04.jpg will automatically inititializing, checking....

9. Select "Control units", data are being determined, please wait...

Control units-05.jpg
10. Select "Drive"

11. select ME-SF 2/8-Motor electronics 2.8-07, communication with the control module group gasoline engine is being established.

Select ME-SF 2 8-Motor electronics 2.8-07.jpg
12. I herewith confirm that I have read the safety notes

I herewith confirm that I have read the safety notes-08.jpg
13. Select "control unit version"

control unit version-09.jpg
14. Select "Vatual values"

Vatual values-10.jpg

Vatual values-11.jpg
15. Select "preconditions for test"

preconditions for test-12.jpg
16. Check engine at cold start and in warmng-up phase


check engine at cold start and in warmng-up phase-13

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