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Renault CAN CLiP 157 tests OK on TWINGO PHASE 2

This is the first test result of Renault CAN CLiP 157 from China. Obd2express tested it on TWINGO PHASE 2 and no issues. Here, share the CLiP 157 software and installation instruction here.

Free download CAN CLIP 157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2...
Disclaimer: this is tested with clone CAN CLIP diagnostic tool for Renault

Step 1 - install DAEMON Tools
Step 2 - install CLIP V157
Step 3 - register CLIP V157
Step 4 - diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2 with Renault CLIP 157
run CLIP on Desktop
cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (14).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (15).JPG
finish vehicle info for computer test

Renault-can-clip-157 (16).JPG
cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (17).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (18).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (19).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (20).JPG

All above is only for China clone Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool

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