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Porsche PIWIS PET 7.3 344 Torrent Free Download

Free download sapre parts catalog for Poesche cars PET 7.3 update 344 here.

PET 7.3 download:
Porsche PET PIWIS 7.3 344 Torrent.rar
PET 7.3 update 342/31 (tested good)

Region: All regions
Languages: English
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
Year: 2013
Medicine: Present

PET 7.3 344 Instruction:
1. Disable UAC
2. Install the HASP DRIVERS file of the same name folder HASPUserSetup.exe
3. Copy the folder MULTIKEY64 the root of drive C
4. Add the information to the registry launch reg file 0000750A.reg
5. Run DSEO13B.EXE Next Yes Click Enable Test Mode Next OK Exit Next
6. Restart the computer (in the lower right corner will - test mode)
7. Run DSEO13B.EXE Next Yes Sign a System File insert the path C: MULTIKEY64 MULTIKEY.SYS and click OK
8. Run the file from the folder INSTALL.CMD MULTIKEY64 and agree with everything
9. Install Etka and Porsche
10. The inscription - 'test mode', you can delete the file RemoveWatermarkX64.exe

Porsche PET 7.3 344 display:

porsche-pet-7.3-344 (1).jpg

porsche-pet-7.3-344 (2).jpg

porsche-pet-7.3-344 (3).jpg

porsche-pet-7.3-344 (4).jpg

porsche-pet-7.3-344 (5).jpg

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