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CAN CLIP V156 V154 V153 V152 V145 V143 V142 Free Download

Here, obd2express offeres all Renault CAN CLIP software here, all tested successfully by obd2express engineers and work without issues so far.

Two kinds of China clone CAN CLIP can be available with the following software i offer:
sp19-b-renualt-can clip-PCB-1sp19-b-renualt-can clip-PCB-2
sp19-C-renualt-can clip-PCB-2sp19-C-renualt-can clip-PCB-pcb
NOTE: there is no difference between the two clone Renault can clip, just from differenct factories in China. The quality is neck and neck/ both A-class. But sp19-c can clip is more populous in the market.

Free download CAN CLIP
Renault-can-clip-v154-torrent.rar   (17.6KB)
can-clip-v153-torrent.rar   (10.7KB)
can-clip-v152-activation-patch-v3   (20.5KB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.0MB)   (375.1MB)   (190.1MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (200.0MB)   (117.0MB)

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