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MB CAN Filter on Mercedes E-class W212 Connection Diagram

The Mercedes-Benz W221 model use the new EZS with the NEC processor marked JURA (also named EIS-electronic ignition switch). And Mercedes CAN filter will work with the EZS module. For installation remove EZS from car.

MB CAN filter to select:

MB CAN Filter 5 in 1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 and X166

MB CAN Filter 8 in 1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 and X166 W172 W218 W246

MB CAN Filter 12 in 1 for W221 W204 W207 W212 W166 X166 W218 W172 W246 W176 W117 W156

Step-by-step installation instruction:

1- prepare Mercedes CAN filter board:

check - resistor 121 must be soldered and solder second configuration points like in pictures.

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (1).jpg

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (2).jpg

2- Remove from EZS board SMD part marked with red “X”.

With short, good isolated wire connect Mercedes CAN filter to EZS board according picture: 1-1 (C1H), 2-2(C1L), 3-3(C2H), 4-4(C2L), 5- 5(GND), and 6-6 (+5V).

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (3).jpg

Mercedes S-class W221 another type:

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (4).jpg


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