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MINI DSG Reader DQ200+DQ250 Installation guide

MINI DSG reader is used to read and write latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data for AUDI and VW.Here is the detail software installation instruction.

Note: Software needs activation before use. When you open the software, you will find a ID, send this ID and your order number to We will resend the license. Then you can go on to install the software and use it.

How to activate the software of MINI DSG reader?

Attention: Do not use internet when you install or use the software. Software cannot be updated online.

How to install MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250) software?
Step 1: Copy the software in the CD, paste them to your local
Step 2: Disable all Network Connection, including: the local
area connection, wireless network connection and 1394

install MINI DSG Reader-1.png
Step 3: Open the MINI DSG Reader folder, click “run me first
registration entries”, and a windows dialogue popup reading:
Registry Editor„, click OK.

install MINI DSG Reader-2.png
Step 4: Click icon “DSG Reader” and a windows dialogue popup
displaying License expired, click OK, then another one popup showing
machine ID, press “ctrl+v” to paste, and click OK.

install MINI DSG Reader-3.png

install MINI DSG Reader-4.png
Step 5:
Create one txt file in the desktop and into it paste the machine ID, then
send it to your seller for activation.

install MINI DSG Reader-5.png
Step 6: your seller send back the license file activated, cut it and paste it
in to the Mini DSG reader folder.

install MINI DSG Reader-6.png
Step 7: right click the green icon “DSG Reader” to open it, then close the
appeared screen, and again right click “DSG Reader”-send
to-Desktop(create shortcut)

install MINI DSG Reader-7.png
Step 8: connect the DSG reader to the computer and the car, then it will
popup windows “ found new hardware”, step-to-step to install it.

install MINI DSG Reader-8.png
Step 9: click “my computer-device manager”, if you find “USB OBD II
cable”, it means the computer and the DSG reader establish

install MINI DSG Reader-9.png
Step 10: Open the “Shotcut to DSGreader” in the desktop.

install MINI DSG Reader-10.png

install MINI DSG Reader-11.png

install MINI DSG Reader-12.png
Now, you are ready to start to use DSG reader to read and write latest
dual-clutch DSG gearbox data for AUDI and VW.

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