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How to update your BMW ICOM firmware to the newest version

The newest BMW ICOM firmware version has been released, technician can offer the icom firmware update file and instruction to help you update ICOM A1/ A2 system & application to the latest version fit for newest Rheingold 2015.11 icom software, which is a must to update the ICOM firmware to the latest; otherwise, it would fail to diagnosis or do programming on BMW vehicles.

Latest firmware version of icom a1 a2:
ICOM-PF-CORE 03.14.03
ICOM Application-01.40.05
ICOM Boot-01.25.02


How to update your BMW ICOM firmware to the newest version?
1. ICOM A A2 diagnostic tool (make sure of your ICOM version, common version or super/perfect version)
2. Laptop with Win 7 Win 8
3. Free download ICOM A A2 firmware update files (pls contact for more details):

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