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How to solve VAS 5054A Software installation problem

VAS 5054A has two kind software. One version is ODIS software, the other version is V19 software.

ODIS software now we have V2.27, V2.23, V2.03 and V2.0 version. They are good at new cars. Old V19 software is better for old cars. V19 also has english, german and other language.

Here is some problem our customers meet in software installation. If you meet this problem also, please use these solution to solve your problem.

I install the software on computer, but cannot search VAS 5054A via bluetooth, what happened? I check bluetooth, it work 100%, but i cannot connect the device with the car, and the light is off.

When you use USB to connect the VAS 5054A with computer, then do not use bluetooth. There are two ways for connection: USB cable and Bluetooth. You can choose one way to use this tool, not both at the same time. This is the wrong place for your operation.

When i install V19 german software, it asks for a username and a password. I can install English software and run perfect. But when i install this german version, it give me photo like this. How to do?

VAS 5054A Software.png

This error caused by lack the patch file. Please do not use anti-virus software. Please install this patch file:

More information:

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