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How to solve super ICOM WinKFP Error 300

Here’s the solution for how to fix WinKFP error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized, for bmw super icom v2015.8.

Just got super iCOM 2015.8V, but failed to open WinKFP. Didn’t know how to setting, without instruction on the screen.

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-1.jpg
And it pop up error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized!

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-2.jpg
Open “EDIABAS Configurat...”;

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-3.jpg
(icon on Desktop)
select ICOM,
Get the IP to enter.

PS. How to get ICOM IP:
Go to download ITOOL Radar;
WHEN ICOM state is free, need to reserve;
Connect ICOM via LAN;

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-4.jpg
Then click OK.

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-5.jpg
The software of super icom is greatly different from that of normal icom (icom a2). If you did something wrong on one module, it may cost more than a million and cause several modules broken at the same time. Thus, plaese learn as more as possible for preparation before using super icom.

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