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XHorse VVDI PROG Programmer V4.1.0 Update and free download

VVDI PROG programmer V4.1.0 has been updated on Nov. 13rd, 2015. Here is the information about the new VVDI PRO V4.1.0.


VVDI PROG 4.1.0 free download:


What’s new in VVDI PROG V4.1.0
* firmware update is unnecessary in this update.
+ <2- SCM> - <Motorola> option to increase options
   MC9S12XEA256 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEG256 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XET256 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEG384 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEQ384 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XES384 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEQ512 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XET512 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEP768 unencrypted,
   MC9S12XEP100 unencrypted
  It supports automatic clock frequency judgment,
   Supports four- read unencrypted chip
+ <3-ECU> - <Delphi> increase
   ME20U2-XET256, ME20U2-XET512 Options
+ <3-ECU> - <Delphi> increase
   MT22-XEP768, MT60-XEP768 Options
+ <4- theft> - <BMW> option to increase
   CAS3-2K79X, CAS3-0L01Y,
   CAS3 + (0L15Y), CAS3 + (0M23S) Options
* Fixed Shanghai SIIC Transportation Security boxes error reports

VVDI PRO 4.1.0 software display:

VVDI PRO 4.1.0 software-1.jpg

VVDI PRO 4.1.0 software-2.jpg

VVDI PRO 4.1.0 software-3.jpg

How to connect VVDI PROG to vehicle ECU?

Why do you choose VVDI PROG?
1) 100% Genuine tool made by XHorse company.;High quality

2) Frequently software update
You can directly download the latest update tool from official website to update your tool

3) Detailed cable connection photo help you use this tool easily

4) Buy VVDI-Prog programmer, GET FREE BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service

VVDI PRO 4.1.0 software-4.jpg

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