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Clone Wireless Ford VCM2 WIFI Setting

Obd2express recently released Ford VCM2 IDS V97 wifi version. And here I will offer some tips of how to do wifi setting on clone VCMII.

Computer requirement for wireless VCM2:
Works on Windows XP & 7 Only.

Wireless ford vcm ii clone wifi functions:

Configuring Wifi ford vcm ii oftware:



Wireless Vcm ii clone connection:
Connection to VCM II should only be handled through the Device Selection Tab Figure.
Do not use the PC's internal wireless connection (shown below) to connect to the VCM II Wireless Adapter.
Ford vcm ii wireless setting:

NOTE: Before configuring Ford VCM II clone wirelessly, the VCM II must be configured with a wired connection. See the Configuring IDS And VCM II for the first time section in the IDS VCM II Quick Start Guide for details.
Tips above are mainly for the following types of VCM2 device:
SP177-C (+SP177-S extra pay for wireless adapters),
SP177-1 (+SP177-S extra pay for wireless adapters),
SP177-C2 ,
Note: here we high advise you to get SP177-C1 /SP177-C2 with wireless adapters.

D-Link Adapter for wifi ford VCM II clone.

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