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How to use offline coding programming function MB STAR software HDD

For STAR software before 2013. All support offline coding. Offline coding can be used after activation by SS12 setting up offline mode.

For offline coding option, many customer will choose it wrongly when usage. they will choose by SCN online coding option. For SCN online coding option, this function is not free. One time one charge. Please attention.

Here is the instruction for how to use offline coding.
1) Choose module first.




Offline coding is mainly for cars before 2009. Not all module has offline function. Usually after you choose the module you want to program. If this ECU support offline, then it will show offline coding function. Usually if you want to know this is opened or not. it can work or not. Please enter it via Xentry SIM or DAS sim to operate.

Usually after you choose the car you want to work, and enter via xentry sim or das sim to operate and will see offline option, then it means your software offline function is opened and can be used.

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