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VVDI Prog Programmer 3.92 Free Download

This is all about the new VVDI Prog Programmer 3.92, including the latest software and hardware introduction. Hope this helps someone in need.


Free download vvdi prog 3.92: 

contents included:



vehicle ECU wiring diagram


How to install VVDI PROG software:


compatible device for files above:

Xhorse vvdi prog programmer


What’s new in VVDI PROG v3.9.2 (2015-10-30):

* the firmware update is unnecessary

+ add CAS2 version 2 wiring diagram

+ add PCF79XX wiring diagram

+ In <2- microcontroller> Motorola, add



   MC9S12XES384 with mask model:

   (2M25J, 3M25J, 0M12S, 1M12S),

   MC9S12XEP768 with mask model:

   (4M48H, 5M48H, 0N35H, 1N35H)

+ add MC68HC05X32, MC68HC705X32 series

   mask Model:

   (0D62J, 1H52A, 0D69J, 1D69J, 2D69J)

   (Need to use MC68HC05X adapter)

* Fixed ID reading issue on MC9S12XE series 

* Fixed EEE writing issues on MC9S12XE series

* Modify Audi J518 wiring diagram


3.92 vvdi prog software display:

3.92 vvdi prog software-1.jpg

3.92 vvdi prog software-2.jpg


Vvdi prog hardware test:

Vvdi prog hardware test-4.jpg

Vvdi prog hardware test-5.jpg

Vvdi prog hardware test-6.jpg

Top 4 reasons to choose VVDI PROG:

1) 100% Genuine tool made by XHorse company. High quality.


2) Frequently software update

You can directly download the latest update tool from official website to update your tool.


3) Detailed cable connection photo help you use this tool easily.


4) Buy VVDI-Prog programmer, GET FREE BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service 


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