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How to fix Star DAS/Xentry "No access authorization code" error?

A small part of MB Star DAS/Xentry users got "No access authorization code" error when operating Xentry/DAS activation, shown as follows. 


There are 2 possible reasons and solution:

The first possible reason: You haven't ctivate Xentry and DAS. You are required to send your supplier HW-ID,Lan ID and APP ID for Xentry activation and HW-ID for DAS activation, please follow the user guide to active Xentry and DAS:


The second possible: You activated successfully, but when you start the computer, you get the same error. Then please do by following steps.

1). Go to "C/Documents and Setting/All Users/Application Data/LicDir"


2). Copy "Lic_Key_2.dat" and paste it.

3). Setting the folder as "Show hidden files and folders".

4). Rename "copy file Lic_Key_2.dat" as "Lic_Key_2.x4711".


5). Again input the password of Xentry, and save it.

6). Test the Xentry software

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