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Solution for Toyota Techstream not displaying AHC pressure values

My personal issue goes as follows:

I am the original owner of a 2006 LC with AHC. I have 168K miles on the truck and it has been a true workhorse. I recently purchased a cheap MINI VCI on to troubleshoot an issue on my Tundra and thought I'd poke around a bit on the LC. Specifically I wanted to look at the AHC pressure values. Based on what I'm reading I'm probably way overdue for rear springs and torsion bar adjustment. 


The cable seems to work with Techstream V10.10.018 on all of my vehicles but it isn't reading the AHC pressure values on the LC. I saw in an old thread that I needed to pick LX470 when connecting to the vehicle otherwise I get a "selected system is not available" message. 


I also read that on a cable check it was necessary to read from pin 7 and as you can see in the attached image when connected to the LC pin 7 is red. When connected to another vehicle with the same cable pin 7 is green but 6 & 14 are red. I don't know what to think about any of that.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to what may be the issue?



Current Output:

current output-01.png

current output-02.png


I'm getting ready to do an AHC lift with some coil spring spacers, adjustment on the sensors, and rear shock extenders. I get all the parts installed but I have the techstream cable and CD ready to go.

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