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(Fixed) 2001 Mercedes W220 S500 dash, where is the eeprom


After replacing the EIS on this 2001 Mercedes W220 S500 the mileage now reads ----- on the dash. I’m guessing it’s because the das and EIS have different mileage values, ok that’s fine but where is the eeprom located in this dash?


There is no ESL on W220, so I did not code in the new EIS. I virginised ECU and adapted used EIS. i dont see eeprom on other side either. 


i know how to read the EIS




heres the dash 24c04 eeprom.!1Ioi3DJD 


And here one experience locksmith have change my dump to 0 and my original mileage was 125024!lVB2WRYY


Given Suggestion as follows:

"You don't have mileage in this eis. May be the VIN of the car is in there, then you must try to 0 the dash, adapt with Star Diagnosis and after that change the mileage with STAR to what you need. When you zero the dash, the star will think that your dash is new and let you adapt with the car"


Finally, solved with Star Diagnosis!!

You need to change the coding in the cluster. change modification year, and also code presafe to not present, just use Star Diagnosis through OBD will work ok, go to icm,control unit adaptation,all codes then do coding. pay particular attention to modification year and also set presafe to not present. 


Finally, worked like a charm, problem gone. FYI the modification year was not important, just set the PRE-SAFE to not present and it was all done

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