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How to use Original VPECKER to diagnose car?

VPECKER OBDII diagnostic tool, originally designed in Shenzhen, is available with two years free for VPECKER hardware replacement and lifetime maintenance. Original VPECKER communicate with computer wirelessly. Original VPECKER covers total 78 brand vehicle from Europe, Asia, America and China, and available with Multilanguage. VPECKER newest software is available at official website, it is free to download and update. 


Guide on how to download and setup VPECKER, and how to use VPECKER to diagnose car:  

Browse Vpecker official site:, download the newest driver.


Install driver, it's very easy to install.


Open the yellow icon "Vpecker" at the desktop, register and login. 


Click "Online Store", select "DSS" firstly, then click the downward arrow to download the car software until all update successfully, then select "ESS" to download and update car software.


Back to main interface, click "Diagnosis service system" to check the connection picture as follows.


Check vehicle list shown as following pictures. For detailed car list and function, browse 






Get message at the right corner of the desktop "Troubleshoot problems - Open Network and sharing center", then open "Network and Internet> Network Connections > wirless network connection", click "Connect" to able network connection.




Go to diagnose, take Asia Toyota for example.

Select Toyota>>Asia>>Connect to vehicle>>VIOS>>VIOS, China>>1206>>Diagnose, then select electronic control system among powertrain, Chassis, body and Quick test, for example, I choose Powertrain>>Engine ECT.


Choose function among: trouble codes, data list and active test. The follow picture shows the trouble codes Vpecker read out.


Take BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 for example. Vpecker is able to identify it's DME Motor Electronics and read fault memory.



Exit Vpecker.

For detailed Vpecker user manual, browse:

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