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KEYDIY KD900 Remote Maker Review/Achieved

Disclaimer: We are talking about ORIGINAL KEYDIY KD900 remote maker. And we provide 100% original KEYDIY product that is able to register and update on official website. 


Following are review/feedback (good or bad) of KD900 remote key programmer gathering from REAL customers. 


1) Lucky for 90% people KD900 key programmer is a good investment.

2) Support Peugeot/Citroen/Renaul/Fiat/Chevrolet/Opel/New Honda and other car remotes with NXP chip.

3) Keydiy KD900 remote key maker better for Europe, especially UK cars 

4) New NB remote work with KD900 which work for PCF7941/7961/7946/7947 keys available 

5) KD900 is not cheap, but it comes with super quality. 

6) No Need PC Support, standalone which makes it easier to operate 

7) It requires tokens as other key programmer, and it is not cheap 

8) KD900 has developed make Bluetooth key, it is unique.





What KD900 remote generator worked/achieved?


These model/remote type have been tested successfully (keep adding more)


Make Citroen 508 new c4l remote and it generated 2000-2015 all Citroen and Peugeot including 107 207 307 408 508, c1 c2 c3 c4 c5. 

Generate 1J0 959 753 remote, DA work for euro 2003-2005 BORA PASSAT GOLF BEETLE and the same year Skoda and seat cars.

Make remote for 1J0 959 753 AG work for euro 2003-2005 BORA PASSAT GOLF BEETLE and the same year Skoda and seat cars.

Make a NXP remote key for Peugeot 

Make remote for SORENTO

Make remote for PICANTO

Make remote for RIO 2011 2013

Make a remote for BMW 318CI 

Make remote for KIA CARENS315

Make remote for KIA K3

Make remote for Ford Endeavour 

Make remote for CEED 06-09

Make new remote for CARENS2013

Make 1J0959753CT remote for VW car

Make Hummer 2007 remote 

Make to keys for bmw x5 work perfect

Audi A3 8PO 837 220 D remote work 100%

Make nb02 remote Peugeot 207

Seat toledo 2003 remote working OK 

Make Bluetooth key for Honda City (new added after May, 2015)

Chevrolet Captiva 2009 MY remote worked perfectly on BO9 remote

Opel Corsa c worked ok

Make remote for Mitsubishi pajero 2011

Make remote for Astra H and later id46

Make remote for Toyota Axio JDM work

Make remote for 04, 06, 07, 08 Ford Focus 

Make remote for Ford Fiesta 2006 2008 lost keys

Generate remote for Peugeot and Citroen 206 207 307 308 408 c2 c5.

Make remote for many Renault models 

Make remote for Audi TT A3 R8 key 

Make remote for 7m3 VW key

Make remote for 2005 Vitara remote key

Make remote for Suzuki grand vitara remote 433mhz 2004

Make remote for Astra-H with a NB02-1 

Make remote for Nissan terrano 2005 

Make remote for Toyota KDH van UK model, all good

Make remote for many many Toyota / Mazda/Hyundai/Kia

Make Peugeot 0536 remote, remote can be reused, won't be locked.


KD900 failed models:

Failed on kangoo And Clio

Failed on vw crafter 2E0 959 753 A

2010 model mazda 3 B03 remote (but some worked out. they work fine on mazda, but you need to program a proper ID63 carbon transponder - your issues are due to TPX chip.)

Kia ceed 2009 (Some others worked out. Kia Cee'd needs the Omron OKA-185T(100% tested).)

2003 Mitsubishi outlander with an OUCG8D525M remote 

Mitsubishi 433

2003 Nissan Primera

2004 Nissan Terrano,

8Z0 837 231 D remote 

 Zafira B, one a 2007, and the other a 2009



For detail vehicle model and remote type, please check the KD900 Remote Generator User Manual.


All in all, we have no ability to make 100% people happy. But KD900 is really a powerful remote maker. 


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