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How to install Multidiag Pro DS150E 2014.3V software

Bluetooth MultiDiag Pro+ DS150E diagnostic interface for cars, truck and OBD2 software has newly updated to 2014.3V. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide. 


Software version: DS150E 2014.3V 

Operating system: Win XP (Most), Win 7 and Win 8

Hardware: Bluetooth Multidiag Pro with SN:100251 (Item No SP207, SP207-B, SP207-C, SP207-D, SP207-E)

Language: English, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, Finnish, German, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, Turkish


Pre-installation caution:

Disable network connection and disable anti-virus software program!!! Very important!!!


Main Steps:

1.Install WINRAR 

2.Install DSCars-R32013.exe

3.Install Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5

4.Activate DS150E 2014.03 software 

5.Configure DS150E 2014.3 software 

6.Update Multi diag pro firmware 

Diagnose with DS150E


1. Install WINRAR 

Open my computer 

Open DS150E 2014.3 software CD

Open DS150E 2014.03 folder 

Open WINRAR folder

Open wrar362

Click Install 


Select all

Click OK

Click Done 

WINRAR installation is completed 


2. Install DSCars-R32013.exe.

Copy DS150E-V2014.3 patch and MULTI HW ID file


Open DSCars-R32013.exe.


Select language 

Please select SN:100251 DS150E NEW VCI


Select country 

Click Next 

Tick I have read the system requirements, click Next 

Install DS150E NEW VCI Setup, click Next


Click Install 

Click Next 

Click OK to accept system notice 


3. Install Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5

Select I have read and ACCEPT the terms of the License Agreement

Tick Send information about my setup experiences to Microsoft Corporation 

Click Install 


Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 SP1 has been installed successfully, click Exit 

Please wait DS150E new VCI setup is being installed 

Installation complete, click Next 

Click Finish when DS150E new vci setup is completed 


Extract DS150E 2014.03 Patch on desktop 

Delete the existing data folder. Copy all files in patch folder and replace to the install patch prompt as the picture below


Right click DS150E (New VCI) on desktop>> Properties>>Find Target>>data to delete “data” folder 


Copy all files in DS150E patch folder to DS150E (New VCI) folder 


Delete the unzipped patch folder on desktop 


4. Activate DS150E 2014.03 software 

Run “DS150E (new vci)” on desktop and activate it 

Software requires activation, press the forward arrow to proceed 


Software will ask you to enter Serial Number and Hardware Key


Open MULTI HW ID on desktop 

Enter SN and select brand, press Key button, it will display HWID


Paste the HWID to Hardware Key

Press forward arrow 

1) Click Start

2) Click Yes to save “FileActvation” on desktop


Delete MULTI HW ID on desktop 

3) Send FileActviation you just saved on desktop to your seller 

4) Wait your seller to send back the FileActviation file activated 

5) Copy the FileActviation file activated replace to the file on desktop 

6) Click Start on software activation program 

7) Click NO

8) Select the FileActivation file activated on desktop and open it 

9) Wait for installation complete, enjoy 


5. Configure DS150E 2014.3V software 

Run DS150E (New VCI) software on desktop 

Click Setting tab>>Language 

Select the software language you need


Click Yes

Select vehicle information, Brand, Model, Year, System type, engine etc 


6. Update Multi Pro firmware

Connect Multi Prog pro interface with computer and vehicle 

Open My computer>>Manager>.Device Manager>>Ports>>VCI (Diagnostic Unit) Serial Port (COM4)


Open DS150E software 

Click Settings tab>>Hardware setup 

Click Test to run a software test 

When the system prompts to update firmware version, click OK


Self Test OK

Select Firmware version 1423, click Update button 


Firmware Update finished. 

Click OK


7. Diagnose with DS150E 2014.03V software 

Back to software main menu 

Click Diagnostic icon 

Follow software prompt to:

1)Turn ignition on or start the engine 

2)Start measuring

3)Choose the test or tests you want to perform 

4)Exit measuring 

5)Turn ignition off


Start performing diagnostic functions


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