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Free download YanHua Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 V15.900

Good news!!! YANHUA Porsche PIWIS tester II diagnostic scan tool software has newly updated to V15.900 (09/2015). The new version can works with latest Macan. here provides the free PIWIS V15.9 software download. 


Free download Porsche PIWIS V15.900


NOTE: The update software fits SP161-BS YanHua brand Porsche tester only. 


Software version: V15.9/V15.900 

Language:  English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Update: by HDD

Operating system: Windows XP only (Panasonic CF-30 laptop CPU: 9300 4GB RAM)


V15.900 PIWIS software display:

V15.900 PIWIS software display-1.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-2.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-3.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-4.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-5.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-6.jpg

V15.9 version PIWIS with new piwis Wiring diagram system:

V15.900 PIWIS software display-7.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-8.jpg


How to update Porsche PIWIS from V15.600 to V15.900?

Download the free software and burn to DVD to run an update. Follow these steps:

1) Please insert the upgrade DVD into DVD rom, then choose [Tools- DVD Upgrade] the software will install automatically.

2) Click [Yes] to confirm released DVD installation prompt;

3) Click [OK] to confirm the setup.

4) When you seen these screens, you need wait with patient, it might cost around 4-7 hours to finish the whole upgrade process.

5) Open the software after computer reboot, check the Porsche Tester2 V15.900 software information.

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